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Effective and affordable tutoring next door to the State Library or Monash Clayton Campus.



  1. Weekly classes that cover every aspect of the study design in great detail will get you further ahead than you’d even think to imagine.
  2. Guaranteed tutor quality takes away the stress of finding a trustworthy tutor and means you always have structure and guidance provided to you by VCE’s most elite graduates.
  3. A high-tech, state-of-the-art study facility with NBN internet, ergonomic chairs, and a kitchen area available to you after schools and on weekends so you always have a great place to study.
  4. Constant help from roaming tutors all you have to do is put your hand up to get friendly face-to-face help from VCE’s best graduates.
  5. Tutorial recordings and other exclusive materials that make VCE success more convenient than ever. From the comfort of your living room you can re-watch a class, revisit a concept, and download the best notes available to a Year 12 student.
  6. Full original practise exams administered in exam conditions, complete with post-exam debriefs from your tutors to build on successful exam habits and strategies.
  7. A WAY cheaper price than normal tutoring which means that this program is the best value-for-money tuition in the country.

Every enrolment gets

1 x 90 minute tutorial weekly
State-of-the-art study facility
Tutor and Centre access 6 days a week
Tutorials recorded
Notes & practise exams provided
Inspirational crowd & environment
Amazing price


This program naturally has a very limited capacity, but we understand that you can’t make your decision right now. If you’re interested in one of our phenomenal VCE Tutorial Centres, just fill in our obligation-free appointment form so a time is scheduled for you to get more information. At your appointment, we’ll give you a tour of the Centre, discuss our pricing, show you the technology, and give you all the information you need to make a truly informed decision.


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