Centre Tutoring

Classes are recorded online in-case you can't make it to your session

Online Class Recordings and Resources

Consolidate and cram from the comfort of your home

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way. So if you can’t make it to a TuteSmart Centre for your scheduled class, don’t stress! Every single class is recorded and uploaded online to the TuteSmart Portal, providing you with ongoing access to every week’s class in every subject you’re enrolled in.

Whilst the online recordings afford great flexibility, they also provide great opportunity. You can use the class recordings for ongoing revision throughout the year, and as a source of SAC or exam revision when the time comes.

We don’t believe in a "now or never" philosophy, instead giving you constant access to previous classes to engage with at your own pace.

Exclusive Online Resources

Additional materials to go the extra mile

If you want to extend yourself beyond classes and one-on-one help, TuteSmart students also have access to thousands of exclusive online resources.

From class slides to summaries, from worksheets to sample essays, from explanations to miniature tests, these resources are exclusive to TuteSmart students and will not be found elsewhere.

With 24/7 access to extended learning materials and a way to get ahead, you can download resources for any subject in which you’re enrolled.

Online Assessments and Progress

Track your progress to make your weaknesses strengths

Sometimes, it can be hard to know which areas to focus on. That won’t be an issue thanks to our innovative online assessment tools.

For each of your enrolled subjects, attempt relevant questions, get a breakdown of solutions, and see where you need to improve most.

These assessments are completed through the TuteSmart Portal, and results are not visible to other students. Our tutors can work with you to use these results to help construct the best possible learning environment for you, your needs, and your goals.

Online Help, Accessible 24/7

Can’t make it to a TuteSmart Centre, but have a burning question you want answered? With our Q&A section, you don’t even need to be physically present to get the help you need.

For any of your enrolled subjects, you can ask your questions on our in-built questions section. These questions are anonymous to other students, meaning there’s no need to worry about anything other than getting the help you need.

For each subject's questions, any tutor based at any TuteSmart Centre can respond , providing you with access to tutors you might not usually get the chance to interact with.

Even if you don’t have any questions personally, browsing the Q&A section can be a great way to revise!

You can ask our tutors any quesiton any time