Centre Tutoring

regular advanced classes at Tutesmart

Private Tutoring

Ongoing support through private tutoring

Every student enrolled in TuteSmart will have additional support via regular and ongoing 30-minute private tutoring sessions, every fortnight.

These sessions will allow students to have a personalised check in with our amazing tutors on a regular basis. In addition to helping with subject content, these sessions can offer study skills support for motivation and exam preparation.

Easy to book
Students will be able to log into their personal TuteSmart Portal and book in a 30-minute private tutoring session with one of our amazing tutors, every single fortnight.

Students simply select the subject they need help with, which centre they would like to meet at, and then they will see a list of available private tutoring sessions! Students are also encouraged to note down what they are hoping to work on or achieve in the session so our tutors can prepare in advance.