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TuteSmart Study Centres

State-of-the-art facilities across Melbourne

Your environment can be instrumental in setting you up for success, which is precisely why we have invested so heavily into creating a welcoming, comfortable, and productive work environment.

Open after school and on weekends, every element of our state-of-the-art Study Centres has been designed to best cater for student needs. Our Centres offer a unique study environment, include ergonomic seating, fast internet, excellent natural light and plants, and different study areas to utilise.

Of course, our Study Centres are also populated by a team of roaming VCE tutors, who will help you one-on-one as needed.

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Ergonomic design

We strongly encourage healthy and sustainable study, and a big part of this is finding an ergonomic environment. From our study chairs to spacious tables, we have created spaces that you can use consistently, comfortably, and with limited distractions.

Internet connection

The modern student needs a quick internet connection. All of our Centres are equipped with quick and reliable internet so that students can revise, complete their assessments, and utilise the TuteSmart Online Portal without hassle.

Natural light and plants

With ample natural light from surrounds, open spaces, and lovely green plants, our Study Centres are built to keep you focused, motivated, and productive.

Dedicated study areas

Each TuteSmart Centre has distinguishable areas, each of which serves a specific purpose. Our tutorial rooms are designed to facilitate weekly classes, including presentations and class discussion. The open study area caters for independent study as well as one-on-one tuition, whilst quiet study areas are also available.

Safety and convenience

Everything you need to feel comfortable

At TuteSmart, it is paramount that you are safe and feel comfortable at all times, and that parents/guardians are also confident in this fact. We take safety very seriously, and have taken a number of measures accordingly.

All students are issued with an access key card, which is linked to their TuteSmart profile. Students are required to “tap on” when they arrive at a TuteSmart Centre, meaning we know which students have been present on which days.

All TuteSmart Centres are fully secure, and a Shift Manager is allocated for each shift, partially to ensure this. All Centres contain CCTV recording.

TuteSmart tutors have a valid Working With Children Check, as is legally required for all tutors in Victoria

Public transport options are available and easily accessible for all TuteSmart Centres.