How it works

regular advanced classes at Tutesmart

Weekly Subject Classes

Covering every aspect of the syllabus

Each week, TuteSmart students have access to a 90-minute class for every subject they are enrolled in. These advanced classes, designed to complement and reinforce regular school-based learning, help to ensure students are as prepared as possible for upcoming tests and exams.

Following our tried and tested TuteSmart Curricula, our classes provide students the opportunity to consolidate information, get ahead on new content, and learn in a different way.

Including in-class discussion and activities where appropriate, our weekly classes deliver on quality, consistency and accessibility; if you can’t make the classes in person, you can watch recordings online

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Revision Intensives

The best preparation to smash your exams

Further to regular classes and mock assessments, TuteSmart students are exposed to dedicated exam revision toward the end of the year. These intensive sessions help to summarise key content, revise information from earlier in the year, and hone important exam technique skills before the actual exam.

You are encouraged to bring your own questions and engage with the intensives as much as possible in order to maximise value from the sessions.

Revision intensives are subject-specific and focus specifically on effective exam study and, ultimately, performance.

Expertise in the ATAR Curriculum

Structured and detailed class delivery design

We have created over 50 ATAR syllabus aligned subject curriculums across Victoria and NSW. Through our experience and feedback system, we have refined each curriculum to be as beneficial, logical, and pedagogically sound as possible for each subject. We are now bringing this expertise to Queensland.

Based on the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s syllabus for each subject, we ensure you are exposed to information you need to know to excel. With in-built time for mock assessments and external exam revision intensives, our TuteSmart Curricula are robust and thorough.

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