Roaming Tutors

Tutesmart Roaming Tutors are here to help any time at our Tutesmart centres

Roaming Tutoring

Personalised and flexible one-on-one help as needed

The VCE journey is a very personal one and, whilst subject content is applicable to all students, each and every individual has unique strengths, weaknesses, and strategy.

Each TuteSmart Centre is filled with a team of friendly tutors, each of whom has been trained to help maximise the performance of students of varied levels and with varied ambitions.

Our roaming tuition is designed so that you receive help when you need it. As our TuteSmart Centres are open six days per week, you can get assistance in real time after school and on weekends - there’s no need to wait until the following week or until your next scheduled class.

Clarify subject content, improve question-answering technique, and enhance essay-writing skills, as much or as little as you need.

The best bit? You can get one-on-one help for any subject we offer; you’re not confined to the subjects you are enrolled in. That means you can mould your TuteSmart experience to best suit you, based on the subjects for which you most need help.

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