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HSC Mathematics is either recommended or mandatory knowledge for many STEM degrees. It teaches the Calculus knowledge that is essential to further study in these fields. As such an important foundation, it is absolutely crucial that students taking this course truly understand the content therein

Studying Mathematics Advanced Year 12, at TuteSmart

To help our students build these skills, we start with tutors who use them on a daily basis. Our tutors all study Maths, Engineering and Science – They are passionate, and they are here to help you understand the concepts completely and intricately. Of course, that’s no good unless you apply that knowledge under pressure – That’s why our program integrates regular practice exams which will help you enhance your exam technique.

HSC Mathematics Advanced Year 12 Tutors


ATAR 97.75

HSC Mathematics Advanced Year 12 Curriculum

Course Overview
Functions: Graphing Techniques
Functions: Graphing Techniques
Practice Exam: Harder graphs
Trig Functions: Graphs
Trig Functions - Equations
Trig Functions - Practical applications (involving periods) (e.g. tides)
Trig Functions - Practical applications (involving periods) (e.g. tides)
Practice Exam
Go through practice exam + introduce calculus
Calculus: differential: trig + exponential + log functions (basics)
Calculus: differential: product, quotient, chain
Practice Exam
Review of Practice Exam
Calculus: applications of diff: first derivative
Calculus: applications of diff: second derivative
Calculus: applications of diff: practical problems
Calculus: applications of diff: practical problems
Revision of all Content up to Date
AN Half Yearly Exams
Half Yearly Exams Review
$: modelling investments and loans
$: arithmetic + geometric sequences and series
$: financial apps
$: financial apps
Financial Question walkthrough
Practice Exam reflection on Optimisation
Statistics introduction
Stats continuation
Stats: descriptive stats/bivariate data analysis + stats
Stats: (descriptive stats/bivariate data analysis + stats) + (random variables)
ATAR Notes Trials
Trial Review
Revision of most important 3 topics (from trial paper data)
Stats practice Exam (topic test)
Stats Exam Review
Revision *TBC*
Mock exam 1
Exam Review
Mock Exam 2
Exam Review
Mock Exam 3
Exam Review
Mock Exam 4
Exam Review
Final Lesson

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