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For some students, HSC English is the subject - the one that matters most. Year 11 English is a really important stepping stone to not only excelling in HSC English, but also enjoying it.

Studying English Year 11, at TuteSmart

Just reading your texts isn’t enough, which is why our tutors have designed the Year 11 English TuteSmart program to focus on key skills, including essay construction, argument formulation, and coherent textual analysis.

With recent Year 11 and 12 experience themselves, we’ve got some of the best English tutors in the state. Our tutors know not only the strategies that helped them get great marks, but also how to assist a wide range of English students hit their personal goals in the subject.

HSC English Year 11 Curriculum

Introduction to Senior English
Introduction to The Common Module(Reading to Write)
Exam Review and Revision
Finishing the Common Module
Holiday Study Guide
Individual Progress Meetings
Introduction to Module A (Narratives that Shape the World/Contemporary Possibilities)
Deepening Textual Analysis
Forming an Argument
Essay Writing
Essay Breakdowns
Text-Specific Work
Exam Review and Creative Writing Revision
Comprehension Breakdown
Pre-Holiday Review
ATAR Notes Trials - Prelim Practice Paper
ATAR Notes Trials - Exam Review
Introducing Module B (Critical/Close Study of Literature)
Textual Integrity
Elevating Analysis
Text Specific Work
Textual Integrity Theses
Exam Review and Revision
Skills Revision
Surviving the HSC/Introducing the Human Experience

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