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If you have a strong aptitude in mathematics, you may be embarking on the challenge of Year 11 Maths Extension 1. This subject is designed to provide a wide breadth of knowledge and mathematical understanding.

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Whether you’re looking to excel and get top marks, pass the subject, or simply improve your level of confidence in the syllabus, TuteSmart can help. As ex-students who achieved great marks, our tutors not only know the syllabus back-to-front, but also how to best prepare for the Year 12 course.

Through content revision and examination preparation, TuteSmart provides a holistic support system for HSC students.

HSC Maths Extension 1 Year 11 Curriculum

Functions: Introduction + Methods in Algebra: (Revision from year 10)
Functions: Overview + 2u content
Functions: Inequalities - solving using algebraic and geometric techniques
Functions: Inequalities - rational expressions, including those with the unknown in the denominator and absolute value
Functions: Graphical relationships - reciprocal graphs + square-root functions
Functions: Graphical relationships - absolute value graphs + adding/multiplying functions
Functions: inverse functions
Functions: Parametric form of a function or relation
Topic Test
Exponential and logarithmic functions: indices, fractional indices and logs
Exponential and logarithmic functions: laws, equations, graphs
Calculus: 2u differentiation
Calculus: Harder 2u differentiation
Calculus:: introduction to 'e' - transformations, differentiation, solving equations
Calculus: Rates of change with respect to time
Calculus: Exponential Growth and Decay
Calculus: Modified natural growth and decay
Topic Test + Revision
Polynomials: Remainder and factor theorem
Polynomials: Sums and products of roots of polynomials
Polynomials: Summary + Revision of Term
Trigonometric Functions: 2u revision
Trigonometric Functions: Inverse trig functions
Trigonometric Functions: Further trig identities
Trigonometric Functions Exam Style Questions + Revision for FINALS
Year 11 Review of exam lesson
Combinatorics – permutations and combinations
Combinatorics – the binomial expansion and pascal’s triangle
Combinatorics – the binomial expansion and pascal’s triangle
Q and A (all topics) - Prelim exam prep
Combinatorics - Exam Style Questions
Final Lesson

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