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Physics at Year 11 level can be equal parts challenging and rewarding. With content featuring motion, forces, light, thermodynamics, circuits and more, Year 11 Physics involves many intricacies.

Studying Physics Year 11, at TuteSmart

Our Year 11 Physics program is designed to be as intuitive and accessible as possible, with classes designed to assist students reach their study goals and potential.

With a team of HSC Physics tutors not only extremely passionate, but also extremely knowledgeable, the TuteSmart program provides comprehensive support to Year 11 Physics students.

HSC Physics Year 11 Curriculum

Intro + Working Scientifically + (M1.1.1-2) Motion in a Straight Line (Part 1)
(M1.1.3-5) Motion in a Straight Line (Part 2)
(M1.2.1-3) Motion on a Plane (I)
(M1.2.4-5) Motion on a Plane (II)
Module 1 Exam
Module 1 Test Run-Through + (M2.1.1) Forces (I)
(M2.1.2-4) Forces (II)
(M2.2.1-2) Forces, Acceleration & Energy (I)
(M2.2.3-4) Forces, Acceleration & Energy (II)
(M2.3) Momentum, Energy & Simple Systems
Module 2 Test
Module 2 Test Run-Through + Half Yearly Prep
Half Yearly
Half Yearly Run-Through
(M3.1.1-3) Wave Properties (I)
(M3.1.3-4) Wave Properties (II)
(M3.2) Wave Behaviour
(M3.3) Sound Waves
(M3.4.1-3) Ray Model of Light (I)
(M3.4.4-6) Ray Model of Light (II)
(M3.5.1-4) Thermodynamics (I)
(M3.5.5-7) Thermodynamics (II)
Module 3 Test
Module 3 Test Run-Through + Prelim Prep
(M4.1) Electrostatics
(M4.2.1-3) Electric Circuits (I)
Preliminary Exam
Preliminary Exam Review
(M4.2.4) Electric Circuits (II)
(M4.3.1-3) Magnetism (I)
(M4.3.3-5) Magnestism (II)
Module 4 Test
Module 4 Test Run-Through
Final Lesson - Study Skills and Year 12 Preparation

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