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HSC Business Studies is a recommended subject for students wishing to pursue a Business or Commerce degree at university. It is a foundational subject that covers four key core topics (Operations, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources) and how they work interdependently to achieve a business’ goals. By taking this subject, it will provide students with an insight on how businesses operate in contemporary society while examining real life case studies to see the content you are learning being used in real life.

Studying Business Studies Year 12, at TuteSmart

To help our students gain an insight into how business’ operate in society and what knowledge is required for running a successful business, we use tutors who do this on a daily basis. Our tutors study Business or Commerce related degrees. They are all motivated and enthusiastic individuals who will assist you in learning the syllabus inside and out so you can smash your HSC goals. To further put this into practice, our program replicates time-pressured exam situations for students to get a feel of what the HSC will be like. Our tutors also provide weekly aesthetically pleasing resources that will consolidate your knowledge and exam technique.

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