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HSC English is something most HSC students would say is their most challenging subject, and this has only been compounded by the recent syllabus changes. The new syllabus doesn’t just demand an intricate knowledge of texts and their themes; it demands the ability to present unique arguments in a logical way, and understand the motivations behind how these texts are constructed.. Combine this with a new creative writing module, and it is clear why the new English syllabus is posing a challenge to HSC students.

Studying English Advanced Year 12, at TuteSmart

Ultimately, knowledge of your texts isn’t enough to succeed in HSC English, which is why the Tutesmart English program has been constructed to enhance the skills you need to put this knowledge onto paper, in a way that will get you marks. Essay construction, argument formulation and coherent textual analysis are taught from the ground up. Frequent sample exams offer you the chance to test these skills, and receive meaningful feedback from our expert team of English tutors. Our classes are interactive and promote meaningful discussion, aimed at giving you a well rounded approach to smashing HSC English.

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