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HSC Legal Studies is one of the most widely relevant subjects the HSC has to offer. It is an interesting and stimulating subject for those students who are eager to learn about Australia’s legal system, society’s fundamental human rights as well as Australia’s relations with the rest of the world. Legal Studies students will cover two core topics (Crime and Human Rights) as well as two option topics that aim to provide an insight to other areas of the law. By taking this subject, it will provide students with an understanding of Australian and international crime statistics, cases, laws reforms, media articles and an overall thorough knowledge of the law.

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To help our students gain an insight into how Australia’s legal system operates as well as gain an understanding of our fundamental human rights, we use tutors who study these areas at university. They are all motivated and passionate individuals who will assist you in learning the syllabus inside and out so you can smash your HSC goals. To further put this into practice, our program replicates time-pressured exam situations for students to get a feel of what the HSC will be like. Our tutors also provide weekly aesthetically pleasing resources that will consolidate your knowledge and exam technique.

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