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The HSC Standard Mathematics course has recently been refreshed. The course teaches five unique topics in a way that requires both logical thinking and problem-solving skills to effectively engage with the content. Students are provided with the essential mathematical knowledge to participate in everyday activities, particularly through topics such as Financial Mathematics and Measurement.

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To facilitate success in this course, our tutors have prepared a fantastic program which combines tutorial-style teaching, problem-based learning and frequent exam practice. Our focus is on preparing students for their HSC exam, and teaching the necessary skills to achieve their personal learning goals along the way.

HSC Mathematics Standard Year 12 Tutors


ATAR 92.65

HSC Mathematics Standard Year 12 Curriculum

Course Overview and Year 11 Pre-Test
Financial Mathematics: Simple Interest, Compound Interest and Depreciation
Financial Mathematics: Shares and Inflation
Financial Mathematics: Credit Cards
Financial Mathematics: Annuities
Financial Maths Topic Test
Financial Maths Topic Test Review
Measurement: Right Angled Trigonometry Review
Measurement: Non-Right Angled Trigonometry (Sine & Cosine Rules)
Measurement: Area of a non-right-angled triangle. Review of trigonometry content.
2021 Welcome + continuing Measurement: Angles of elevation and depression
Measurement: Compass & True Bearings, Radial Surveys
Measurement: Rates & Ratios
Measurement: Working with Time
Measurement: Topic Test
Measurement: Topic Test Review
Networks: Network Concepts
Networks: Activity Tables and Charts
Networks: Forwards and Backwards Scanning
Networks: Revision Lesson (content learned so far)
Half Yearly Examination covering Financial Maths, Measurement & Network Concepts
Half Yearly Exam Topic Test Review
Networks: Float Times
Networks: Maximum Flow, Minimum Cut
Networks: Revision Lesson (all content)
Networks: Topic Test
Networks: Topic Test Review
Statistical Analysis: Review of Year 11 Content
Statistical Analysis: Scatterplots
Statistical Analysis: Lines of best fit, interpolation & extrapolation
Statistical Analysis: Z-scores and the Normal Distribution
Mathematics Standard 2 Trial Exam
Mathematics Standard 2 Trial Exam Review
Course Revision - Financial Maths, Measurement, Networks, Statistical Analysis (cater to student's needs in preparation for Trials)
Statistical Analysis: Probability Review
Statistical Analysis: Topic Test
Statistical Analysis: Topic Test Review
Algebra: Algebraic expressions and linear relationships
Algebra: Simultaneous equations
Algebra: Exponential and quadratic functions
Algebra: Cubic functions and inverse variation
Final Revision Lesson & Q&A

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