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HSC Mathematics Extension 2 extends the boundaries of mathematics notably beyond the expected standard at the high school level, and begins to scrape the surface of first year university. The course is intended to challenge students who have excelled in Year 11 Mathematics Extension 1 to think more deeply and creatively in proving powerful mathematical results and working through more intense computation. Although the course is only treated as assumed knowledge for degrees involving a mathematics major, it is still recommended for many students interested in STEM-based degrees as the coverage of university level content provides a small, but effective head start to their coursework. It is commonly regarded as one of the hardest high-school mathematics courses in the country.

Studying Mathematics Extension 2 Year 12, at TuteSmart

We train our MX2 tutors at TuteSmart extensively so that they can confidently and effectively guide the students through the demanding nature of the course. The tutors have full mastery of all mathematics subjects, including the new and old content in Extension 2. Having had their own struggles in the course, they understand its time-consuming and challenging nature, but they have all felt it was one of the most rewarding experiences ever. The tutors know what the students require - they possess the advanced tricks and insight the examiners seek out in high performing students. They teach from their own experience of the subject’s stress and difficulty. The objective is to build the students’ confidence even further from where it has advanced thus far, achieve the highest possible results they can, and develop an even stronger appreciation for the power of mathematics today!

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