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Modern History is an incredible subject, that gives students the tools to not only understand the past – but also the present. From world wars to progressive movements, scientific and political breakthroughs to revolutions, Modern History charts you through humanity’s greatest highs, and lowest lows. Students will be required to form judgements on a variety of different historical issues across a wide array of contexts, using detail and historiography to back up their arguments. Modern history students need to be detail oriented, but also able to see the bigger picture, connecting events and personalities to broader historical trends, themes and issues.

Studying Modern History Year 12, at TuteSmart

Our modern history tutors are passionate about the subject, and love nothing more than passing on that love to the next generation of students. As succeeding in Modern History is 30% knowing the content, and 70% knowing how to apply the content, our classes focus on building upon the foundational skills, like essay writing and source analysis, so that when our students get into the exam, they are prepared for anything.

We can’t wait for you to join our class and help us write history (literally)!

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