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Studying Physics is a hugely rewarding endeavour - You learn the intricacies of exactly why our world works the way it does, and come to understand principles which underpin the very essence of our universe! That said, it can also be really scary, and that is why the Tutesmart Physics program is designed to make the content as accessible and intuitive as it can be.

Studying Physics Year 12, at TuteSmart

From interactive practical lessons and simulations, to regular practice exams ensuring things are sticking, our program is the best way to enhance your HSC Physics knowledge. Of course, you learn best by asking lots of questions - Our small group sessions are perfect for collaborative learning, and our online portal gives you ample opportunity to ask those extra niggling questions whenever you need to. All of this is led by tutors who study as engineers and scientists, and so have developed a deep understanding of the content in their tertiary studies.

HSC Physics Year 12 Tutors


ATAR 99.75

HSC Physics Year 12 Curriculum

Intro/Projectile Motion Basics
Advanced Projectile Motion (+ Skills)
Circular Motion Basics
Circular Motion in Multiple Dimensions
Gravity and Gravitational Potential
Orbits and Kepler's Laws
Module 5 Revision
Module 5 Exam
Module 5 Exam Review
Particles in Electric/Magnetic Fields
The Motor Effect
Electromagnetic Induction
Applications of Induction
Motors and Generators
Motors and Generators
Finishing Motors and Generators
Module 6 Exam
Mod 6 Exam Review + Revision
Tutesmart Half Yearly Exam
Tutesmart Half Yearly Exam Review
Electromagnetic Waves and Electromagnetism
The Wave Model of Light
The Quanta (Ultraviolet Catastrophe)
The Photon (Photoelectric Effect)
Special Relativity
Spectral Analysis + Module 7 Revision
Module 7 Exam
Module 7 Exam Review
Universal Origins/Stellar Classification
Structure of the Atom
Quantum Mechanical Model of the Atom
Revision Lesson
TuteSmart Trial Exams
Trial Exam Review
Trial Exam Review
The Standard Model
Nuclear Decay and Nuclear Fission
Nuclear Fusion + Astrophysics Revisited
Module 8 Revision
Module 8 Exam
Module 8 Exam Review
Module 5 + 6 Sample Exam
Module 5 + 6 Exam Review
Module 7 + 8 Sample Exam
Module 7 + 8 Exam Review
Final Revision

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