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Year 11 Biology provides an excellent foundation for further Biology studies at HSC level. For many students, Year 11 Biology provides a challenge in an increased level of expected knowledge and understanding, but our online HSC Biology tutors are here to help!

Studying Biology Year 11, at TuteSmart

There are two main elements to success in Year 11 Biology: knowing the content, and then knowing how to apply that content to get great marks. The best Biology tutors will help you do both in a way that works for you.

Our online tutoring program follows a specific curriculum for Year 11 Biology, covering both required material and ways to excel, including practice exams and dedicated revision sessions. Our tutors graduated with great marks in HSC Biology, and they’re passionate about helping you do the same.

HSC Biology Year 11 Tutors


ATAR 97.75

HSC Biology Year 11 Curriculum

M1 IQ1 - Intro, Cellular Structures and Technologies
M1 IQ1+2 - Organelles, Fluid Mosaic Model and Cell Transport Part 1
M1 IQ2 - Cell Transport Part 2, SA/V, Conc. Gradients, Charac. of materials being exchanged and Cell Requirements
M1 IQ2 - Photosynthesis, Cell Respiration, Removal of Wastes and Enzymes
Module 1 Topic Test and Marking
M2 IQ1 - Different types of organisms, Tissues/Organs/Systems and Cell Differentiation and Specialisation
M2 IQ2 - Structure of autotrophs and Investigating the Structure of Plants
M2 IQ3 - Gas Exchange in Animals/ Plants, Photosynthesis and Transpiration-Cohesion-Tension Theory
M2 IQ2 - Digestion and Nutrient and Gas Requirements
M2 IQ3 - Transport Systems in Animals and Plants and Exchange of Gases
Study and Exam Tips for Biology
Revision of Modules 1 and 2
M2 IQ3 - Structure and Function of Transport Systems and Comparing Changes in Transport Medium Composition
AN Half Yearly Exam
Half Yearly Exam Review
M3 IQ1- Biotic and Abiotic Selection Pressures
M3 IQ2 + IQ3 - Adaptations
M3 IQ3- Convergent/Divergent Evolution and Punctuated Equilibrium
M3 IQ4 - Evolution: The Evidence
Revision Sheets
Module 3 Topic Test and Marking
Modules 1, 2 and 3 Revision
M4 IQ1 - Abiotic and Biotic Factors and Populations
M4 IQ1+IQ2 - Analysing a Recent Extinction Event, Past Ecosystem changes and Technologies
Prelim Preparation - Exam Tips and Strategies
Revision of Student Chosen Areas + Exam Feedback
Prelim Exam
Prelim Exam Review
M4 IQ2 - Evolution in Australia
M4 IQ3 - Changes in Past Ecosystems, Human-induced Selection Pressures, Climate Change ad Future Impacts of Biodiversity
Module 4 Revision
Module 4 Topic Test and Marking
Revision of all 4 Modules
Final Lesson: Revision/ Prep for year 12

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