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HSC Biology is a recommended prerequisite to a number of STEM degrees, including Medicine, Science and Engineering. It provides students with a strong foundation for further studies in a range of life sciences. However, the breadth of the HSC Biology course makes it one of the most content-heavy and conceptually abstract subjects offered for the HSC.

Studying Biology Year 12, at TuteSmart

In order to help students succeed, our program focuses on building strong conceptual understanding, and delivering content in unique and accessible ways. Key to this is our team of experienced and passionate tutors, all currently studying biological sciences at a tertiary level. Within the context of a new, more advanced syllabus, their expert knowledge is an invaluable resource for students.

As with all STEM subjects, application is key. This is why the HSC Biology program is designed for students to apply their learning consistently, with weekly worksheets, access to a multitude of revision questions, and regular practice exams. These exams give students the opportunity to both apply their knowledge and fine-tune their exam technique throughout the year.

HSC Biology Year 12 Curriculum

Course Overview + Module 5 Introduction
Module 5 – HEREDITY: Reproduction
Module 5 – HEREDITY: Cell Replication
Module 5 – HEREDITY: DNA and Polypeptide Synthesis
Module 5 – HEREDITY: Genetic Variation
Module 5 – HEREDITY: Inheritance Patterns in a Population
Module 5 – HEREDITY: Overview
Writing Responses Workshop
Module 5 – Mini Test
Module 6 – GENETIC CHANGE: Mutation
Term 4 Revision / Catch up / Game plan for Term 1
Module 6 – GENETIC CHANGE: Biotechnology
Module 6 – GENETIC CHANGE: Genetic Technologies 1
Module 6 – GENETIC CHANGE: Genetic Technologies 2
Module 6 – GENETIC CHANGE: Overview
Module 6 – Mini Test
Module 7 – INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Causes of Infectious Disease
Module 7 – INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Responses to Pathogens
Module 7 – INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Immunity
Module 7 – INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Prevention, Treatment, and Control
Tutesmart Half Yearly Exams
Tutesmart Half Yearly Exams Review
Module 7 – INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Overview
Module 7 – Mini Test
Module 7 – Test Feedback + Revision
Module 8 – NON-INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Homeostasis
Module 8 – NON-INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Causes and Effects
Module 8 – NON-INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Epidemiology
Module 8 – NON-INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Prevention
Module 8 – NON-INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Technologies and Disorders 1
Tutesmart Trial Exams
Tutesmart Trial Exams REVIEW
Module 8 – NON-INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Technologies and Disorders 2
Response Writing Workshop
Module 8 – Mini Test
Module 8 – Mini Test Review
All 4 Modules Revision
Exam Tips + Tricks
Mock Exam 1
Exam Review 1
Mock Exam 2
Exam Review 2
Mock Exam 3
Exam Review 3
Final Lesson (Q+A)

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