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HSC Mathematics Extension 1 is a challenging, Calculus based course designed for students with a strong aptitude towards mathematics. The rigorous nature of the course provides an excellent foundation for many degrees and is strongly encouraged for those aiming for a career in science, mathematics, computer science and/or engineering. This one unit course is designed to provide students with a wide breadth of knowledge and understanding that exceeds the general scope of the 2-unit Advanced Mathematics course. Students learn to appreciate the interconnectedness of mathematics through challenging yet interesting topics.

Studying Mathematics Extension 1 Year 12, at TuteSmart

As such, at TuteSmart we aim to nurture each student’s passion in Maths, allowing them to reach their highest potential. Our tutors are highly qualified and currently study STEM degrees at a tertiary level. As recent high-achieving graduates, they understand what it requires to succeed in MX1, including inside tips and tricks, exam structure and preparation, reducing stress and time management. They are extremely passionate about teaching and sharing their konwledge to help you get the most out of the HSC year and life beyond year 12! Through weekly classes, online support and regular practice exams, students develop skills that will allow them to succeed not only in the HSC, but will also prepare them for their future.

HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Year 12 Tutors


ATAR 99.45

HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Year 12 Curriculum

Course Overview and Year 11 Trigonometry Revision
Solving Trigonometric Equations Using the Auxiliary Angle Method
Proving Trigonometric Identities and Solving Trigonometric Equations Involving Factorisation
Solving Trigonometric Equations Using Angle Formulae, including the t-formulae
Summary of Trigonometry + Topic Test
Proof by Mathematical Induction - Overview + Equality and Divisibility Proofs
Proof by Mathematical Induction - Harder Questions + Identifying Errors in 'False Proofs by Induction'
Year 11 Revision - Calculus (Rates of Change)
Year 11 Revision - Functions (Graphing + Polynomials)
Year 11 Revision - Combinatorics + Harder Mathematical Induction and Trigonometry Questions
Introduction/Welcome + Overview of Vectors and Vector Operations
Vectors - Component Form
Vectors - Dot Product, Projections
Vectors - Geometric Proofs and Vector Applications
Summary of Vectors + Topic Test
Calculus - Integration by Substitution and Primitive of Squared Trig Functions
Calculus - Integration by Substitution with Trig + Integrals involving Inverse Trigonometric Results
Calculus - Volumes of Solids of Revolution (Part 1)
Calculus - Volumes of Solids of Revolution (Part 2)
Summary of Calculus Content So Far + Topic Test
TuteSmart Half Yearly Exam
TuteSmart Half Yearly Exam Review
Calculus - Introduction of Differential Equations + Slope Fields
Calculus - Solving DEs in the form dy/dx=f(x) and dy/dx=g(y)
Calculus - Solving DEs in the form dy/dx=f(x)g(y)
Calculus - Modelling with DEs
Summary of Differential Equations + Topic Test
Vectors/Calculus - Problems Involving Displacement and Velocity
Vectors/Calculus - Problems Involving Forces + Introduction to Projectile Motion
Vectors/Calculus - Projectile Motion (Deriving Equations)
Vectors/Calculus - Projectile Motion (Solving Questions - Part 1)
Vectors/Calculus - Projectile Motion (Solving Questions - Part 2)
Vectors/Calculus - Projectile Motion (Harder Questions)
TuteSmart Trial Exams
Trial Exam Review
Statistical Analysis - Bernoulli Trials + Binomial Experiments and Probability
Statistical Analysis - Mean, Variance and Normal Approximation of the Binomial Distribution
Statistical Analysis - The Sample Proportion + Normal Approximation of the Sample Proportion
Summary of Statistical Analysis + Topic Test
Year 11 Content Revision (Part 1)
Year 11 Content Revision (Part 2)
Entire MX1 Syllabus Crash Course
Flexible Revision Lesson
Flexible Revision Lesson
Flexible Revision Lesson
Final Lecture - Exam Tricks and Technique

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