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Modern History is an incredible subject, that gives students the tools to not only understand the past – but also the present. From world wars to progressive movements, scientific and political breakthroughs to revolutions, Modern History charts you through humanity’s greatest highs, and lowest lows. Students will be required to form judgements on a variety of different historical issues across a wide array of contexts, using detail and historiography to back up their arguments. Modern history students need to be detail oriented, but also able to see the bigger picture, connecting events and personalities to broader historical trends, themes and issues.

Studying Modern History Year 12, at TuteSmart

Our modern history tutors are passionate about the subject, and love nothing more than passing on that love to the next generation of students. As succeeding in Modern History is 30% knowing the content, and 70% knowing how to apply the content, our classes focus on building upon the foundational skills, like essay writing and source analysis, so that when our students get into the exam, they are prepared for anything.

We can’t wait for you to join our class and help us write history (literally)!

HSC Modern History Year 12 Tutors


ATAR 96.3

HSC Modern History Year 12 Curriculum

SYLLABUS: Core Study Introduction
Introductory Lesson/Course Overview
SKILLS: Our bias against bias/Source Analysis
CORE STUDY: An overview of the peace treaties which ended World War I and their consequences.
CORE STUDY: The conditions that enabled dictators to rise to power in the interwar period
KEY THEMES: "This is no democracy": The nature and key features of a dictatorship.
CORE STUDY: An overview of the features of the dictatorships that emerged in Russia, Italy and Japan.
CORE STUDY: An overview of the features of the dictatorships that emerged in Russia, Italy and Japan.
SKILLS: Answering how to answer short answers: structure, integrating sources and your own knowledge
KEY THEMES: It’s all about ideology: understanding ideology and its impact on history.
Icebreakers for new students/CORE STUDY: The rise of the Nazi party and Hitler in Germany and the collapse of the Weimar Republic
CORE STUDY: The initial consolidation of Nazi Power 1933 – 1934.
KEY THEMES: Navigating 'isms'
CORE STUDY: The nature of Nazi ideology.
CORE STUDY: The role of prominent individuals in the Nazi state
SKILLS: Telling Tales?: writing analytically and avoiding narrative
CORE STUDY: The various methods used by the Nazi regime to exercise control
CORE STUDY: The impact of the Nazi regime on life in Germany and the opposition to the Nazi regime.
CORE STUDY: The ambitions of Germany in Europe and Japan in the Asia Pacific
TuteSmart Half Yearly Exams
TuteSmart Half Yearly Exams Review
CORE STUDY: The intentions and authority of the League of Nations and the UN (Debate: success of the LON + UN)
SYLLABUS: National Study Introduction
SKILLS: Essay writing skills: types of essays, structure, constructing a thesis
NATIONAL STUDY: Russia Survey/Bolshevik Ideology and the Russian Revolution
NATIONAL STUDY: Russia Survey/Bolshevik Consolidation of Power
KEY THEMES: Connecting the dots: seeing history as a series of interconnected events, and understanding change and transformation. Understanding and integrating key themes and issues (e.g. leadership, opportunism, ideology, etc.)
SKILLS: Dazzle with Detail: collating, studying and effectively integrating detail
NATIONAL STUDY: Bolsheviks and Power Struggle post-Lenin/Power struggle within the Bolshevik Party
SKILLS: Studying for Modern/Exam Techniques
NATIONAL STUDY: Bolsheviks and Power Struggle post-Lenin/How did Stalin rise to power?
TuteSmart Trial Exams
Trial Exam Review
NATIONAL STUDY: Soviet State under Stalin/The nature of the USSR under Stalin
NATIONAL STUDY: Soviet State under Stalin/The transformation of Soviet society
SKILLS: He said, she said: Understanding debates and effective integration of historiography
NATIONAL STUDY: Soviet Foreign Policy/The nature and effectiveness of Soviet Foreign Policy
IN-CLASS TEST - Short Answers
Final Progress Meetings
Revision TBA
Revision TBA
Revision TBA
Revision TBA
Final Lesson

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