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Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE), encompasses elements of sport physiology, components of physical activity and performance in sport, and an overview of the public health system and current issues and priorities regarding the health of Australia. PDHPE serves as an invaluable foundation for careers in the health or sporting sectors.

Studying PDHPE Year 12, at TuteSmart

In this program, the tutors have studied and gained high scores in their PDHPE exams, and are here to help translate their experience for your advantage. From consolidating content, you learn in class and acquiring top quality examples, to dissecting and truly understanding the requirements of every question that arises during your HSC, this program will help you achieve your goals.

Alongside these aspects of the program, TuteSmart PDHPE features unique, never-seen-before practice exams created by your tutor, to assist with your PDHPE essay writing skills, and rehearse for the real deal.

HSC PDHPE Year 12 Tutors


ATAR 96.9

HSC PDHPE Year 12 Curriculum

Health Priorities in Australia - Lesson 1
Health Priorities in Australia - Lesson 2
Health Priorities in Australia - Lesson 3
Health Priorities in Australia – Lesson 4
Health Priorities in Australia – Lesson 5
Health Priorities in Australia - Lesson 6
Health Priorities in Australia Exam
Health Priorities in Australia Exam Feedback
Factors Affecting Performance - Lesson 1
Factors Affecting Performance - Lesson 2
Factors Affecting Performance - Lesson 3
Factors Affecting Performance – Lesson 4
Factors Affecting Performance – Lesson 5
Factors Affecting Performance – Lesson 6
Factors Affecting Performance Exam
Factors Affecting Performance Review
Factors Affecting Performance - Final Lesson
Factors Affecting Performance + Onset of Sports Medicine 1
Sports Medicine – Lesson 2
Sports Medicine - Lesson 3
TuteSmart Half Yearly Exams
TuteSmart Half Yearly Exams Review
Sports Medicine - Lesson 4
Sports Medicine - Lesson 5
Sports Medicine Exam
Sports Medicine Exam Review
Improving Performance – Lesson 1
Improving Performance – Lesson 2
Improving Performance – Lesson 3
Improving Performance – Lesson 4
Improving Performance - Lesson 5
Improving Performance - Lesson 6
TuteSmart Trial Exams
TuteSmart Trial Exam Review
Improving Performance Exam
Improving Performance Exam Feedback
Revision - CORE 1
Revision - CORE 2
Writing Workshop
Multiple Choice Practice
Past Paper
Past Paper
Past Paper
Past Paper
Final Lesson

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