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Mathematical Methods provides the foundation for a large range of degrees at university, mostly targeting business and STEM based courses. It provides students with a solid foundation of various commonly used mathematical concepts, including calculus and statistics. The subject is at least recommended knowledge, if not assumed or mandatory for these disciplines. The extent of the students’ understanding in this course may therefore be pivotal for their pathways in the future.

Studying Maths Methods Units 3 & 4, at TuteSmart

This essentiates that students will effectively retain what they learn, and become confident in communicating these concepts in various new circumstances. Our tutors are well-accustomed to doing so, having used said concepts frequently even through their current studies. They demonstrate how the mathematical tools can be used both in practical applications, and through exam-based means. By doing so, the students become well prepared for the external exam, and also various internal assessments they may come across throughout the year.

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