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Specialist Mathematics trains students to explore more sophisticated and often intricate mathematical techniques, often required at the upper-end difficulty in high school mathematics. Taking this subject boosts a more extensive foundation in tackling various STEM based degrees at the tertiary level. The subject is certainly a challenge in its own right, and motivates students to explore the power and beauty of mathematics, both theoretical and in (unironically speaking) more specialised contexts. A wide range of mathematical tools, ranging from algebra, statistics, calculus, mechanics and more.

Studying Specialist Maths Units 3 & 4, at TuteSmart

It therefore requires devotion to succeed in this subject, and this is exactly what our tutors have. Our TuteSmart members teach from their own experiences at combating higher level mathematics, with passion and enthusiasm. Having ultimately excelled in their journey, they are well aware of the subtleties and the secret tips and tricks that lead to stronger assessment performance that students seek. They communicate the concepts through effective and comprehensive means, with highly detailed questions and solutions, and refinements through practice exams. It is their goal to lead their students to success, both in Specialist Mathematics itself and also in preparation for the future!

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