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For some students, QCE English is the subject - the one that matters most. Year 11 English (QCE English Units 1&2) is a really important stepping stone to not only excelling in your English studies, but also enjoying them.

Studying English Units 1 & 2, at TuteSmart

Just reading your texts isn't enough, which is why our tutors have designed the Year 11 English TuteSmart program to focus on key skills, including media analysis, persuasive writing, literary analysis, and creative writing.

With recent experience themselves, our tutors know not only the strategies that helped them get great marks, but also how to assist a wide range of English students hit their personal goals in the subject.

QCE English Units 1 & 2 Tutors


ATAR 97.6

QCE English Units 1 & 2 Curriculum

Introduction to QCE and General English
Overview of Key Writing Styles in Senior English
Perspectives and Representations in Texts
Stereotypes in the media
Finding perspectives and representations in written and visual media
How to build and present a great persuasive
How to ace analytical
Key Skills (1): Analysis
Term Recap + Breakdown of the Public Essay
Key Skills (2): Annotations
Unpacking Prompts + Flow
Approaching different text types
Analysing and Building Good Characters
Practise Task (1)
Using Resources: Beat the system (1)
Media analysis 7: -Preparing a multi-modal presentation
Media analysis 8: Presentations workshop using week 16/17 work
Strategies for planning, drafting and editing and proofreading writing tasks
Persuasive writing 1: Re-introduction to persuasive writing
Persuasive writing 2: Persuasive language, techniques and rhetorical devices
Persuasive writing 3: Writing introductions and body paragraphs
Persuasive writing 4: IA2 Practice (in-class with sources provided)
Persuasive writing 5: Research Skills
Persuasive writing 6: Quote integration
Persuasive writing 7: IA2 Practice with known topic from Lesson 24 & 25
Persuasive writing 8: Skills for multimodals
Literary analysis 1: Analytical writing refresher
Literary analysis 2: Aesthetic features and stylistic devices
Literary analysis 3: Representations and perspectives in literary texts
Literary analysis 4: Reading and understanding period texts
Literary analysis 5: Poetry analysis
Literary analysis 6: Society, Culture & Texts
Literary analysis 7: Cultural Identity in Texts
Literary analysis 8: Structuring and writing a literary analysis essay
Literary analysis 9: Stimulus response practice
Creative writing 1: Overview of typically assessed styles of creative writing
Creative writing 2: Style, language and tone
Creative writing 3: Adding to an existing text
Creative writing 4: Writing a scene for a play
Creative writing 5: Group writing task
Creative writing 6: Rehearsing for and performing a group scene based on week 41 work
Creative writing 7: Writing a monologue
Creative writing 8: Writing a short story
Practice EA: Literary analysis of focus text for Weeks 39 - 44
Practice EA feedback, course recap and Year 12 headstart

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