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Biology trains students in understanding living systems and their interactions with the environments around them from scales smaller than cells all the way to entire ecoregions. The scientific literacy and analysis skills it teaches are useful for all future pathways, however biology is particularly useful for students who are interested in pursuing life sciences such as medicine, agriculture, or ecology. Biology requires being able to understand diverse interconnections, apply conceptual knowledge to analyse data, and communicate this in a succinct and meaningful way.

Studying Biology Units 3 & 4, at TuteSmart

This is why our tutors focus not only on grounding students in understanding of biological theory, but also provide ample opportunity for practice of application and communication. This takes the form of face-to-face feedback as well as sample tasks and assessments. Having the experience of not only excelling in biology at a high school level, but also in higher education, our tutors are able to draw on their experiences and expertise to help students develop their own.

QCE Biology Units 3 & 4 Curriculum

Diversity - Species, Ecosystems & Determining Diversity
Determining Diversity - Practising the Techniques
Non-exam Style Assessment
Environmental Factors (Distribution & Abundance)
Classification Systems
Cladistics & Molecular Evolution Comparison
Ecosystems & Stratified Sampling
Practice Test & Review
Introduction to Ecology
Energy Transfer
The Food Chain
Ecological Niches
Keystone Species
Ecological Succession
Carrying Capacity
Population Growth & The Lincoln Index pt. 1
Practice Exam (Ecology and succession)
Replication, Meiosis I & II, Independent Assortment
Protein Synthesis
Regulating Factors
Review Lesson
Genes and the Genome
Inheritance Practice
Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
Biotechnology 2
Biotechnology 3 & Ethical Considerations
Revision Lesson
Practice Exam & Review (Genetics)
Practice Exam & Review (Genetics)
Natural Selection & Changes to Phenotype
Evolution, Microevolution, Macroevolution
Mock Exam 1
Exam Review & Revision
Mock Exam 2
Exam Review & Revision
Mock Exam
Exam Review & Revision
Mock Exam
Exam Review & Revision
Final Lesson

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