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For some students, QCE English is the subject - the one that matters most. Year 12 English (QCE English Units 3&4) is a really important stepping stone to not only excelling in your English studies, but also enjoying them.

Studying English Units 3 & 4, at TuteSmart

Just reading your texts isn’t enough, which is why our tutors have designed the Year 12 English TuteSmart program to focus on key skills, including textual response, persuasive writing, contentions, exam preparation, and more.

With recent experience themselves, our tutors know not only the strategies that helped them get great marks, but also how to assist a wide range of English students hit their personal goals in the subject.

QCE English Units 3 & 4 Tutors


ATAR 97.6

QCE English Units 3 & 4 Curriculum

Introduction to QCAA and English
Introduction to Text Response
Mock Exam: Baseline Check
Writing Workshop and Feedback
Context and Thesis Statements (part 1)
Context, Theses and Feature Articles (part 2)
Persuasive Writing
Context and IA2 Preparation
Mock Exam: Hybrid Task
Intro to Creative Writing
Re-introduction to Tutesmart English
Mock Exam: Revision check
Connotative Analysis Workshop - Basics
Persuasive Writing + Presentation
Assessment Spotlight: IA1 and IA2
Introduction to Creative
Analysing and Building Characters!
End of Term Activities
Perspectives & Representations
Assessment Spotlight: IA3
Adapting Creative Works
Tying up loose ends - persuasive & creative
Exposition + Poetry
Creative Exam PRACTISE
Preparing for Creative Exam + Recap
Assessment Spotlight: EA
Key Skills: Annotation
Final Reflection
Key Skills: Analysis
TEXT Spotlight: Macbeth
TEXT Spotlight: Jane Eyre
Approaching the EA
Literary Analysis workshop
Annotated Exemplar: What should your essay look like?
Mock Exam: Character Prompts (Part 1)
Mock Exam: Character Prompts (Part 2)
Feedback and Brainstorming Character Focused Structures
Mock Exam: Thematic Prompts (Part 1)
Mock Exam: Thematic Prompts (Part 2)
Prompt Workshop: Themes, Evidence and Analysis
Final Hot Tips and Feedback
Guided Writing and Essay Structure Recap
Course Recap and Individual Plans (EA)

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