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This Intro to Coding Short Course introduces students of all backgrounds to computing and coding, with an emphasis on creating games, projects, and other useful tools. Programming will be taught in Scratch and Python (a common language taught to first-year university students).

After completing the course, students should be confident in using their newfound abilities to make their own programs in the future, in the knowledge they have learnt from some of Australia’s best tutors.

There are lots of benefits of enrolling!

  • Get ahead on your university studies. Coding isn’t formally a pre-requisite for a lot of university courses, but it should be! Start your uni studies with confidence you won’t fall behind.
  • Prepare for the workforce. Great for your CV, this course focuses on skills, abilities and knowledge increasingly in demand from employers.
  • Develop new and relevant skills. Learn and develop your skills in a new language, creating new opportunities.
  • Explore inspiring content. Includes the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, how a computer actually works, and how to build your own.
  • Learn from the best tutors. With access to university level tutors dedicated to helping you improve, enjoy the most effective tuition on offer.
  • Work on your own project. Coding is sometimes difficult to approach without guidance, but by the end of this program, you'll be working on your very own projects.
  • Great value for money. At just $5 per hour of the program, this course offers incredible value.

Further, make networks and connections that will open new doors for you through a program that will be comprehensive, understanding of all backgrounds in coding, and lots of fun!

Studying Intro to Coding, at TuteSmart

The program will run from Monday to Friday, starting 9 December and ending 20 December (across 10 days in total).

Week 1: Introduction to programming and making games in Scratch, as well as an introduction to the text-based language known as Python.

Week 2: More advanced concepts in Python, learning how a computer actually works/how to build one, as well as an introduction to the field of computer science.

The program has been carefully structured to include both theoretical teaching and practical application/hands-on practice.

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