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Public speaking is one of the most important and valuable skills, and can be used to distinguish a good student from a great future leader. All it takes is a few simple techniques and strategies to become a charismatic speaker.

This course will help you overcome nervousness, come up with a captivating story, engage your audience effectively, and even improvise skilfully.

There are lots of benefits of enrolling!

  • Get an edge on your studies. Many assessments across both high school and university require effective communication skills. Honing your public speaking prowess can give you an edge, setting yourself up for great marks.
  • Prepare for the workforce. Increasingly, employers are looking for "soft skills", and being able to competently speak in front of others is a skill in demand.
  • Stand out from the crowd. This course focuses on skills, abilities, and knowledge that will help your CV shine.
  • Learn from the best tutors. With access to highly skilled tutors dedicated to helping you improve, enjoy the most effective tuition on offer.
  • Great value for money. At less than $10 per hour of the program, this course offers incredible value.

Further, make networks and connections that will open new doors for you through a program that will be comprehensive, understanding of all backgrounds in public speaking, and lots of fun!

Studying Intro to Public Speaking, at TuteSmart

Each day of Intro to Public Speaking has a different focus, collectively offering a comprehensive program that will help you develop a wide range of skills and experiences.

Part 1 (Saturday - Jasmine): Academic Presentation Techniques

  • How to approach a presentation at school/university
  • The best way to do research for your speech
  • Dividing the presentation in a group scenario
  • How to engage the audience in an academic environment
  • Quick overview of the VCE English Oral Presentation

Part 2 (Sunday - Callum): Public Speaking Tactics

  • The most effective ice-breakers for a crowd
  • How to overcome butterflies-in-stomach
  • Controlling body language and tones
  • Humour and other improvisation techniques

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