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For those who find studies in mathematics challenging, Year 10 Maths can seem a daunting step. In fact, students each year struggle with several of the concepts introduced in this important subject, previously foreign and unheard of.

On the other hand, many mathematically-inclined students each year approach Year 10 Mathematics as though it will go the same way that maths studies always have. But a great number of those students become frustrated, wary, or disappointed, as content becomes more conceptually difficult, and expectations are raised.

Regardless, strong performance in Year 10 Mathematics - no matter what your background with maths is - can set the scene for studies in VCE mathematics subjects. If you wish to pursue Further Maths, Mathematical Methods, or Specialist Mathematics, understanding of key Year 10 content is an important foundation.

Studying Mathematics Year 10, at TuteSmart

Whilst curricula for Year 10 English may change slightly from school to school, the TuteSmart Year 10 program has been designed with two main functions: to help students excel as much as possible in their Year 10 mathematics studies, and to help students best prepare for future studies in VCE Further Maths, Mathematical Methods, and/or Specialist Mathematics.

To do that, we have developed a broad but comprehensive curriculum based on key skill development and nurturing.

Year 10 Maths can be a struggle, but you don’t have to do it alone. All TuteSmart mathematics students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full details.

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