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Notorious for its heavy amount of content and pedantry, Biology can be a tough, yet rewarding, subject. Although not specifically a prerequisite for many science, health, or medicine courses, it lays a strong foundation on which to build necessary knowledge.

Studying Biology Units 3&4, at TuteSmart

TuteSmart Biology tutors take a holistic approach to this interesting subject. Instead of focusing on memorising individual details out of textbooks or other resources, we take time to help students understand broader concepts, which, in the long run, helps with workload, stress management, and performance.

TuteSmart encourages and facilitates an active learning process, laying foundations in initial principles, and then guiding you to a deep understanding of the content, including how different parts of the syllabus are linked. All that, plus strategies for strong SAC and examination performance, are covered in our Biology curricula.

In Biology - one of the most popular subjects available at VCE level - it is important to take advantage of resources available to you. All TuteSmart Biology students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full details.

VCE Biology Units 3&4 Tutors


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VCE Biology Units 3&4 Curriculum

Welcome + Introduction
Nucleic Acids
Gene Expression + Regulation
DNA Manipulation I
DNA Manipulation II
DNA Manipulation III
Unit 3 AOS1 Revision
Unit 3 AOS1 Practice SAC Review
Cellular Respiration
Factors Affecting Biochemical Pathways + Applications
Unit 3 AOS2 Revision
Unit 3 AOS2 Practice SAC Review
Practical Investigation
Pathogens + Antigens
Innate Immunity
Adaptive Immunity
Vaccination Programs + Immunotherapy
Disease Challenges + Strategies
Unit 4 AOS1 Revision
Unit 4 AOS1 Practice SAC Review
Changing Allele Frequencies
Changes in + Relatedness of Species
Human Change Over Time I
Human Change Over Time II
Unit 4 AOS2 Revision
Unit 4 AOS2 Practice SAC Review
Experimental Design + Exam Techniques
Unit 3/4 Revision: Part I
Mock Exam 1 Review
Unit 3/4 Revision: Part II
Mock Exam 2 Review
Unit 3/4 Revision: Part III
Mock Exam 3 Review
Exam Strategies
Final Revision
Exam Walkthrough I
Exam Walkthrough II
Exam Walkthrough III

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