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Economics at VCE level places a strong emphasis on understanding - not just recognising - human behaviour, the consequences of decisions, and how those decisions tie in with societal needs, wants, and requirements.

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Developing the understanding required for success in Economics demands persistence, and many students may benefit from additional assistance throughout their studies.

Our TuteSmart Economics program emphasises not only memorisation of key points, but a deeper understanding and appreciation of the content. TuteSmart will help you approach the subject in such a way that maximises your marks throughout the VCE course, but also puts you in a position to best apply what you have learnt in day-to-day life.

VCE Economics is a tricky subject, but dedication pays off. All TuteSmart Economics students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full details.

VCE Economics Units 3&4 Curriculum

Introduction to 3&4 Economics
Supply and demand in perfectly competitive markets
Efficiency and resource allocation
Market failure and unintended consequences
Unit 3 AOS 1 Revision
Unit 3 AOS 1 Practice SAC
The business cycle and living standards
Aggregate supply and demand
Australia's macroeconomic goals: low inflation
Australia's macroeconomic goals: growth and unemployment
Unit 3 AOS 2 Revision
Unit 3 AOS 2 SAC
Trade and living standards
Impact of trade on the Australian macroeconomy
Movements in the exchange rate
Australia's international competitiveness
Unit 3 AOS 3 Revision
Unit 3 Revision
Unit 3 SAC/Exam Skills
Unit 3 AOS 3 SAC
Budgetary policy
Automatic and discretionary stabilisers
Budgetary policy stance
Budgetary strengths and weaknesses
Unit 4 AOS 1A Revision
Unit 4 AOS 1A SAC
Monetary policy I
Monetary policy II
Strengths and weaknesses of monetary policy
Unit 4 AOS 1B SAC
Aggregate supply
Aggregate supply and macroeconomic goals
Strengths and weaknesses of aggregate supply
Practice exam 1
Exam revision
Practice exam 2
Exam revision
Practice exam 3
Exam revision
Exam revision
Exam revision
Final lesson

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