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English as an Additional Language (EAL) can be a challenging hurdle for all non-native English-speaking students. Whilst still sharing some content with the mainstream English curriculum, you are also expected to comprehend and infer analytical texts at a high level, as well as practise your listening and oral presentation skills with persuasive materials.

Studying English as an Additional Language Units 3&4, at TuteSmart

The TuteSmart EAL program has been specifically designed to cater for students of all levels in the subject. Further to key course content, the TuteSmart curriculum also focuses on skill development - a hugely important aspect of EAL success. In particular, TuteSmart tutors assist students in becoming proactive and thinking critically, allowing you to analyse ideas you may have otherwise missed or ignored.

Whether it be essay-writing or language analysis skills, our tutors are well positioned to help you develop a technique and understanding of the course that will see both their marks and confidence improve.

In a subject like EAL where writing style and clarity is so important, guidance can assist even the best of students. All TuteSmart English as an Additional Language students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full details.

VCE English as an Additional Language Units 3&4 Curriculum

Listening | Action Words
Listening | Taking Notes
Listening | Structuring Answers
Practice SAC | Listening
TA | Overview & Elements of Text
LA | Overview & Contention & Arguments
TA | Characters & Events (1)
TA | Characters & Events (2)
LA | Essay Structure
Practice SAC (1)
LA | PLT (1)
Sample Essay (1) | TA
TA | Themes & V&V
LA | Visual Analysis (1)
Sample Essay (2) | LA
Practice SAC (2)
TA | Literary Structure
LA | PLT & Visual (2)
LA | Reading Comprehension
Sample Essay (3) | TA
Practice SAC (3)
Oral | Overview
Oral | Developing ideas
Oral | SOI
TC | Prompt types & Structure
Sample Essay (4) | TC
Revision | TA
Practice SAC (4)
Revision | Listening
Revision | LA
Revision | Time management
Practice Exam 1
Practice Exam 2
A Collection of Sample Essays
Practice Exam 3
Exam strategies and time management

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