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Examining institutions and frameworks which make up the Australian legal system, VCE Legal Studies is a content-heavy with plenty to comprehend. You will cover the rule of law, law-makers, key legal institutions, rights protection in Australia, and the justice system.

Studying Legal Studies Units 3&4, at TuteSmart

The TuteSmart Legal Studies program has been designed to bring the course together, linking what can seemingly be unrelated topics into a cohesive whole. With experienced tutors armed with real-world examples to help you remember and apply content, studying Legal Studies at TuteSmart is not only beneficial, but enjoyable.

Should we have bail? Should we have more express rights in our Constitution? Through both the Legal Studies curriculum and other elements of TuteSmart, our tutors encourage students to form their own opinions, and evaluate and discuss them critically.

With question-answering skills a critical part of the Legal Studies course, guidance from somebody who’s been there before can be vital. All TuteSmart Legal Studies students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full details.

VCE Legal Studies Units 3&4 Curriculum

Introduction to Legal Studies
Principles of Justice + Key Concepts in the Criminal Justice System
Rights of the Accused & Victims + Institutions Used to Assist an Accused
Committal Proceedings + Plea Negotiations & Sentence Indications
Criminal Court Hierarchy + Responsibilities of Key Personnel
Purposes of Sanctions + Factors Considered in Sentencing
Reforms + Factors that Affect the Principles of Justice
Masterclass: Answering Questions in Legal Studies
SAC Review
Key Concepts in the Civil Justice System
Initiating a Civil Claim + CAV & VCAT
Civil Pre-Trial Procedures
Civil Court Hierarchy & Key Personnel
Case Management & Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods
Remedies & Factors that Affect the Principles of Justice
Reforms + Revision
SAC Review
Unit 3 Revision
Unit 3 Mock Exam Review + Revision
The Roles of the Crown and Parliament, Division of Powers & S. 109
The Constitution Acting as a Check on Parliament
Significance of High Court Cases + Referendum & External Affairs
SAC Review
Factors that Affect the Ability of Parliament to Make Law
Roles of Victorian Courts + the High Court and Statutory Interpretation
Factors that Affect the Ability of Courts to Make Law
Features of the Relationship Between Courts & Parliament
Reasons for Law Reform & Ways Individuals Can Influence Law Reform
Role and Influence of the Victorian Law Reform Commission + Recent Example
Role and Influence of a Royal Commission + Recent Example
The Ability of Parliament and the Courts to Respond to Law Reform
SAC Review
Unit 3 Revision
Unit 3 Revision
Unit 4 Revision
Unit 4 Revision
Questions + Exam Tips
Exam Tips

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