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In terms of workload, VCE Literature may well be the most demanding of English subjects available at VCE level: there’s always more ways to think about a text, better ways to write something, or strategies to refine. Literature is often the haven of students who love to read and love to write.

Studying Literature Units 3&4, at TuteSmart

At times, Literature can feel ambiguous, but don’t worry: TuteSmart tutors can clearly and concisely explain marking criteria and expectations for SAC and exam essays. More than that, they can - and do - also provide detailed feedback and advice on how to improve your own writing.

A focus of the TuteSmart Literature program is to help you bridge the gap between understanding content, and demonstrating this understanding in essay form. We invest time into identifying your weak spots, and helping you work through those weaknesses in a way that builds belief you can overcome them in this unique subject where the impact of self-confidence should not be understated.

Many students can understand a text and write a decent mid-range essay, but competition is fierce if you’re aiming for an A+, so expert advice can be a huge advantage. All TuteSmart Literature students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full details.

VCE Literature Units 3&4 Curriculum

Adaptations and Transformations (1) - Adaptive Choices
Creative Response (1) - SAC Criteria and Statement of Intention
Adaptations and Transformations (2) - Essay Structure and SAC Criteria
Creative Response (2) - Creative Writing Tips
Adaptations + Transformations and Creative Response - SAC
Writing Skills (1) - Sophisticated Writing Skills and Metalanguage
Writing Skills (2) - Novels and Other Literature
Writing Skills (3) - Poetry and Short Stories
Writing Skills (4) - Plays
Literary Perspectives (1) - Introduction and Overview
Literary Perspectives (2) - Finding and Critiquing Critics
Literary Perspectives (3) - Marxist and Feminist Criticism
Literary Perspectives (4) - Psychoanalytic, Post-Colonialism and Other Criticism
Literary Perspectives (5) - Augmenting Analysis I (Applying Close Analysis Skills)
Literary Perspectives (6) - Unpacking Literary Perspectives Essays I
Literary Perspecties (7) - Tackling the Prompt
Literary Perspectives (8) - Augmenting Analysis II
Literary Perspectives (9) - Sample Essays
Literary Perspectives (10) - Unpacking Literary Perspectives Essays II
Close Analysis (1) - Introduction and Overview
Literary Perspectives - SAC
Close Analysis (2) - Structure and Strategy
Close Analysis (3) - Views and Values and Authorial Intent
Close Analysis (4) - Annotating Passages
Close Analysis (5) - Finding Connections Between Passages
Close Analysis (6) - Justifying Analysis
Close Analysis (7) - Quote Integration
Close Analysis (8) - Unpacking Close Analysis Essays
Close Analysis (9) - Language Analysis Skills
Close Analysis (10) - Revision Intensive
Literary Perspectives (12) - Revision Intensive
Close Analysis SAC
Going Through Sample Exam Essays
Revision Intensive
Mock Exam 1
Zoom Q&A 1 + Feedback from Mock Exam 1
Mock Exam 2
Zoom Q&A 2 + Feedback from Mock Exam 2
Final Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation
Exam Specifications and Advice + Final Revision

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