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VCE Psychology is widely recognised as a “content-heavy” subject, and for good reason - one of the main challenges in the subject is remembering everything for the exam! But with interesting content ranging from learning and memory, to sleep and mental health, Psychology can be an enjoyable and rewarding subject.

Studying Psychology Units 3&4, at TuteSmart

Responding to questions in a concise but detailed manner is a very important skill, and this is one of the things we emphasise at TuteSmart. Further to in-depth content classes, our tutors are also able to break down question prompts to assist you to develop an intuitive understanding of what is required.

In assessment, Psychology is varied, with multiple-choice and extended response questions both included. Effective tutors, such as those at TuteSmart, are able to go beyond a basic understanding and presentation of content in isolation.

A favourite subject of many, Psychology is a priority for a lot of students every single year. All TuteSmart Psychology students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full details.

VCE Psychology Units 3&4 Tutors


ATAR 99.4

VCE Psychology Units 3&4 Curriculum

Introduction + Course Overview
Nervous System (I) - CNS + PNS
Nervous System (II) - Neurons + Neurotransmitters
Stress (I) - Sources of Stress + Biological Models of Stress
Stress (II) - Psychological Models of Stress + Coping with Stress
Practice SAC Review (Nervous System + Stress)
Learning (I) - Neural Plasticity
Learning (II) - Classical Conditioning
Learning (III) - Operant Conditioning
Learning (IV) - Observational Learning
Research Methods (I) - Planning + Undertaking Investigations
Exam Overview + Strategies (I) - Multi-Choice + Short-Answer
Memory (I) - Model of Memory + Storage of LTM
Memory (II) - Retrieval Methods + Brain Trauma
Memory (III) - Memory Cues + Reconstruction of Memory
Practice SAC Review (Learning + Memory)
Research Methods (II) - Data, Methods + Scientific Models
Consciousness (I) - States + Measurement
Consciousness (II) - Changes + Effects
Sleep (I) - Sleep Stages + Purpose
Sleep (II) - Changes to Sleep-Wake Cycle
Sleep (III) - Dyssomnias, Parasomnias + Treatment
Practice SAC Review (Consciousness + Sleep)
Exam Overview and Strategies (II) - Extended Response
Research Methods (III) - Ethics
Mental Health (I) - Characteristics + Ethical Implications
Mental Health (II) - Mental Health Disorder Risk Factors
Specific Phobia (I) - Specific Phobia Contributing Factors
Specific Phobia (II) - Specific Phobia Interventions
Mental Health (III) - Protective Factors: Maintenance + Resilience
Practice SAC Review (Mental Health + Specific Phobias)
Revision - Unit 3 AOS1 (Nervous System + Stress)
Revision - Unit 3 AOS2 (Learning + Memory)
Practice Exam 1 Review
Revision - Unit 4 AOS1 (Sleep + Consciousness)
Practice Exam 2 Review
Revision - Unit 4 AOS2 (Mental Health + Phobia)
Practice Exam 3 Review
Revision - Research Methods
Q+A / Exam Tips
Exam Walkthrough I
Exam Walkthrough II

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