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VCE Specialist Maths has a reputation for being one of the most challenging subjects offered at VCE level. It covers a broad and comprehensive set of skills, and is unique in how it demands a very deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Studying Specialist Maths Units 3&4, at TuteSmart

Specialist Maths challenges people in different ways. To many, it is the concepts themselves that stump them; to others, it is the way they set out their working; to others still, it is the constant time pressure in assessment hard that proves most difficult.

The TuteSmart Specialist Maths program comprehensively assists students in all areas, with tutors providing lots of tips and tricks they’ve learnt along the way. They also provide a large bank of resources to help you hone your skills and be exposed to a wide variety of examination questions.

By its very nature, Specialist Maths attracts students from across the state who are highly skilled and mathematically minded. In a system such as the VCE, which is ultimately based on competition, this can make excelling in Specialist Maths particularly difficult.

All TuteSmart Specialist Maths students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full details.

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