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VCE Business Management is a fairly content-heavy subject that examines the ways businesses manage resources to achieve objectives. The study design covers business processes and principles from right from idea conception to execution through to maintaining the success of a business.

Studying Business Management Units 3&4, at TuteSmart

With so much content to cover, effective VCE Business Management tutors need to be able to deliver a large amount of content in ways that seem logical and simple, and that are easy to understand. TuteSmart tutors are all over this.

Further, TuteSmart tutors for Business Management will help you focus on more than just the content itself - they guide students with up-to-date examples, knowledge application, and answer structure. These are the things that can differentiate good results from great ones!

In a subject where small details are important, such as the difference between being asked to β€œdiscuss” or β€œcontrast” in a question prompt, Business Management assistance can help extend students, and see them hit their full potential in the subject.

All TuteSmart Business Management students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full deatails.

VCE Business Management Units 3&4 Tutors


ATAR 96.25

VCE Business Management Units 3&4 Curriculum

Introduction/Types of Businesses
Business Objectives, Areas of Management Responsibility and Stakeholders
Corporate Culture, Management Styles and Management Skills
AOS 1 Revision
Unit 3 AOS 1 Practice SAC
Motivation Theories
Motivation Strategies
Training and Performance Management
Termination and Participants in the Workplace
Awards, Agreements, Dispute Resolution and AOS 2 Revision
Unit 3 AOS 2 Practice SAC
Key Elements of the Operations System
Effectiveness and efficiency (I): Technological Developments
Effectiveness and efficiency (II): Materials
Effectiveness and efficiency (III): Quality
Effectiveness and efficiency (III): Waste Minimisation
CSR in Operations Management and Global Considerations
Unit 3 AOS 3 Revision
Unit 3 AOS 3 Practice SAC
Unit 3 AOS 1 Mid-Year Revision
Unit 3 AOS 2 Mid-Year Revision
Unit 3 Practice Exam
Business Change and KPIs
Lewin's Force Field Analysis, Driving Forces and Restraining Forces
Porter's Generic Strategies
Unit 4 AOS 1 Revision
Unit 4 AOS 1 SAC
Leadership, Effect of Change on Stakeholders and CSR During Management
Management Strategies to Respond to KPIs
Low/High Risk Strategies and Strategies to Seek Opportunities
Three Step Change Model and Senge's Learning Organisation
Unit 4 AO2 Revision
Unit 4 AOS 2 Practice SAC
Exam Strategies and Approaching 10 Mark Questions
Revision Intensive 1 - Unit 3 AOS 1
Practice Exam 1
Revision Intensive 2 - Unit 3 AOS 2
Practice Exam 2
Revision Intensive 3 - Unit 3 AOS 3
Revision Intensive 4 - Unit 4 AOS 1
Revision Intensive 5 - Unit 4 AOS 2
Exam Review and Final Words

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