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Further Mathematics is focused primarily on math that can be used in everyday life. Consequently, it is accessible to almost all VCE students, irrespective of their mathematical background. Further Mathematics extends upon arithmetic skills developed in Year 9 and 10 by applying them to new contexts.

Studying Further Maths Units 3&4, at TuteSmart

Our Further Maths tutoring team has an intricate understanding of not only the Core section (data analysis, and recursion and financial modelling) of the syllabus, but also each of the four modules: matrices, networks and decision mathematics, geometry and measurement, and graphs and relations.

With a focus on SAC and and examination performance, and calculator proficiency, the TuteSmart curriculum goes beyond simply providing a basic understanding of key concepts.

Whether you’re looking to pass or looking for a 50 study score, help in VCE Further Maths can help guide you through concepts at your own pace, complementing what you learn in the classroom.

All TuteSmart Further Mathematics students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full details.

VCE Further Maths Units 3&4 Tutors


ATAR 98.35

VCE Further Maths Units 3&4 Curriculum

Introduction, course overview, types of data
Core (I): Classifying and Displaying Categorical Data
Core (II): Classifying and Displaying Numerical Data
Core (III): Log Transformations and Displaying Numerical Data
Core (IV): Z-Scores and Population Sampling Statistics
Core (V): Interpreting Scatterplots, Correlation/Causation and Regression Lines
Core (VI): Making Predictions through Regression, Transformations and Residuals
Core (VII): Data Transformations and an Introduction to Time Series
Core (VIII): Time Series
Core (X): Core Overview and Recap
Core (X)I: Data Analysis SAC
Core (XII): Data Analysis SAC Recap
Core (XIII): Finance/Recursion Introduction
Core (XIV): Recurrence in Financial Contexts
Core (XV): Geometric Growth, Compound Interest, Perpetuities and Annuities
Core (XVI): Finance Overview and Recap
Core (XVII): Finance SAC
Core (XVIII): Finance SAC Recap
Core (XIX): Unit 3 Exam
Core (XX): Unit 3 Exam Recap
Modules: Week 1
Modules: Week 2
Modules: Week 3
Modules: Week 4
Modules: Week 5
Modules: Week 6
Modules: Week 7
Modules: Week 8
Modules: Week 9
Modules: Week 10
Revision Class I
Revision Class II
Revision Class III
Exam 1 (1)
Module Review Class
Exam 2 (1)
Module Review Class
Exam 1 (2)
Exam 2 (2)
Final Week
Program Concluded
Program Concluded

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