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At VCE level, content in Physical Education ranges from biomechanics, to energy systems, to training principles and chronic adaptations. There are a wide range of concepts covered, and this can make the subject enjoyable and rewarding.

Studying Physical Education Units 3&4, at TuteSmart

The TuteSmart Physical Education program focuses on a few different things to ensure students are best-positioned to excel in their SACs and exams:

  • Clear, easily-understandable explanations of each topic within the course
  • Logical links from content to sporting examples
  • Guidance as to how to best prepare for, and do well in, different types of SAC and examination questions

In Physical Education, just a few marks here and there can make a big difference - particularly if you’re aiming for very high marks. All TuteSmart Physical Education students receive access to weekly classes, one-on-one help as needed, online resources, assessments, and a whole lot more. See here for full details.

VCE Physical Education Units 3&4 Tutors


ATAR 95.5


ATAR 97.25

VCE Physical Education Units 3&4 Curriculum

Introduction + Skills
Coaching + Qualitative Movement Analysis
Biomechanics 1
Biomechanics 2
Biomechanics 3
Factors + Feedback
AOS 1 Revision
AOS 1 Practice SAC
Energy Systems
Energy System Interplay + Acute Responses 1
Exam Overview + Strategies
Acute Responses 2
AOS 2 Revision
AOS 2 Practice SAC
Fitness Components 1
Fitness Components 2
Unit 3 Practice Exam
Activity Analysis
Fitness Testing 1
AOS 3 Revision
AOS 3 Practice SAC
Biomechanics Revision + Q&A
Biomechanics Revision + Q&A
Practice SAC Review + Monitoring Data, Components of a Training Session
Training Principles
Training Methods
Psychological and Nutritional Strategies
Chronic Adaptations 1
Chronic Adaptations 2
AOS 4 Revision
AOS 4 Practice SAC
Practice SAC Review + Revision AOS1
Practice Exam 1
Exam 1 Review + Revision - AOS2
Practice Exam 2
Exam 2 Review + Revision 2 - AOS3
Practice Exam 3
Exam 3 Review + Revision - AOS3 Part 2
Revision - AOS4
Final Lesson

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