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"TuteSmart made me feel so much more confident, and in terms of academics it really helped me to get where I got in the end."


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"TuteSmart is more than just academics, it's a real support for every single student."


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"Since starting at TuteSmart, I pretty much became top of my class for Chemistry and Physics. My confidence has gone through the roof."

TuteSmart provides three types of learning support

Live Tutorial Classes

90-minute tutorial classes for your subjects, live-streamed each week, where you can interact and ask questions. Every class is recorded so you can re-watch them anytime.

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On-demand Tutoring

Our online Instant Tutoring allows you to immediately connect to a one-on-one video call with one of our friendly tutors. It’s available on-demand, after school and on weekends.

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One-on-one private tutoring

Students can book in online one-on-one private tutoring sessions for any subject, at any available time. Our private tutoring is completely flexible and designed to help students learn and consolidate knowledge as and when needed.

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We help students achieve top VCE results

Median ATAR Score of 94.25

11% of students scored an ATAR over 99


of students said TuteSmart made them feel more confident in their studies


of students said TuteSmart helped them prepare further in advance for exams


of students said TuteSmart helped them study more effectively outside of school

Covering a huge range of VCE subjects

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ATAR 99.4
Chemistry, UCAT


ATAR 99.75
Biology, Chemistry


ATAR 99.7
Chemistry, Maths Methods, Accounting


ATAR 99.7
English 3&4, Further Maths. Year 10 English


ATAR 99.5
UCAT, Chemistry


ATAR 99.05
Specialist Maths, Physical Education, Physics