Biology Tutoring Overview


Biology is considered as one of the more intimidating VCE subjects for two reasons: the content can be conceptually difficult, and there is a lot of it. That being said, it is usually considered as one of the more interesting subjects as well, because it can give students an exciting insight into so many things in the natural world. Students should ensure they don’t fall behind in learning the content, as it can be difficult to catch up


What to look for in a Biology tutor:

 It usually goes without saying, but Biology it’s quite important: you should look for a tutor that has a deep understanding of the course material. This is because a lot of things covered in Year 12 Biology only ‘scratch the surface’, which often gives rise to a lot of questions. Hence, a good Biology tutor should have a bredth and depth of knowledge that extends the Year 12 course in order to answer such questions. Such a tutor should also know what things you should focus on, because they’re in the study design, and which things are potentially helpful to know but should never be focused on, because they’re not in the study design.

  Of course, with such a big course, you should also look for a tutor that can provide you with ample amounts of resources, like notes, practice questions, and other helpful materials. The size of the course also demands that a tutor be an excellent verbal communicator: some of the concepts are highly difficult and need to be carefully explained. When you’re looking for a Biology tutor, it’s important to keep this in mind.


How Biology tutoring could benefit you:

 One potential benefit of a Biology tutor is that they can help students with ways to retain all the content more efficiently. A common method of achieving this is to look for links between concepts; for example, specificity with enzymes, the immune system and cell signaling – this makes it seem like there is actually less to remember and alleviates the pressure of having to memorize so much material. Further to this, a good Biology tutor could keep students motivated and make sure they don’t fall behind by addressing potential problem areas as they arise. Ultimately, these abilities come from a tutor’s conceptual understanding and knowledge of the course, which are things they should look to pass on to their students.  

 Biology exams are also increasingly asking students to apply their knowledge and think critically about things instead of just taking for granted that something is true. A Biology tutor can be beneficial in cultivating the skill required to respond to the more demanding short-answer questions and to communicate biological knowledge.  This ability can be the deal-maker (or breaker) in assessments, so those looking for a tutor should seek to get as much of this benefit from them as possible.