Business Management Tutoring Overview


The content in the Business Management course is not usually considered to be exceedingly difficult – but responding to questions and getting full marks on them is. VCE history is littered with students who became complacent in Business Management only to receive far lower study scores than expected. So, too, are there thousands of students who worked hard at it and achieved far more than they thought.


It’s important to make sure you’re the type of student in the second camp. More often than not, once you’re gotten as much out of the course as you can, you’ll realise it’s given you a fantastic and intriguing insight into many aspects of your day-to-day life!


What to look for in a Business Management tutor:


A Business Management tutor needs to be able to deliver the huge amount of content in the Business Management course in a manner that makes it seem logical and simple. Further to that, you should look for someone who can back up their content knowledge with up-to-date examples, and who can show you how to convey the important information in exam-type questions. The way you apply your knowledge and structure your answers is what will differentiate you from other students, so any Business Management tutor should assist you in cultivating that skill.


You should also look for a tutor that can explain the links between the different topics, such as the connections between ethics and change management, and show you how they’re all related. This is a key skill that will help you learn the content efficiently and maximise your marks in assessments.



How Business Management tutoring could benefit you:


A falling point for many students is the ability to recognize and respond to the task words in question stems like ‘discuss’ or ‘contrast’, then formulate an answer that is worthy of full marks. Business tutoring could be beneficial by ensuring you have a strong, comprehensive understanding of course material and by ensuring you are able to respond to questions appropriately in SACs and exams.


A tutor can also invest a lot of time in ensuring students know how to incorporate case studies into their responses, and that their responses only include the most relevant information. This is even more important with reference to the 10-mark question that appears on each exam, which needs to be executed well, and quickly, in order to perform highly on the exam as a whole.


So, a Business Management tutor could benefit your marks by refining your exam technique and skills, as well as by ensuring that your knowledge of the course is seamless and without dangerous deficiencies.