English Tutoring Overview

English: whether your love it or you hate it… it’s going in your Top 4!

English is a subject that demands creativity, analysis, and dedication. Students are tasked with reading and comparing texts and how they give meaning, analysing argument, creating argument, and creating texts of their own. These are all skills that take consistent practice to hone, meaning it is not a subject where students can sit for hours on end and “learn content”. Instead, they must develop skills and improve their analytical and creative abilities.

This can make it a stressful subject for some, and a soothing subject for others. Either way, one thing’s for sure: this subject’s important.


What to look for in an English tutor:

In looking for an English tutor, you should look for someone who is freethinking and not stubborn. There are many different ways to write an essay or a short story. Tutors who enforce one particular way could actually damage a student’s understanding and confidence, especially if that way is different to the one taught in the classroom. Instead, English tutors should be flexible and able to explain to students the merits of certain methods and the reasoning behind those methods. 

Tutors should also encourage students to think outside of the box, be creative, draw implications, and thus, develop a distinguishing factor that differentiates the student’s work from that of the average person. In looking for a tutor, you should ensure that they can assist in building the sophistication of your essays: that’s the hardest thing for an English student to do, so any English tutor must be able to assist in that area. 


How English tutoring could benefit you:

Feedback. One benefit of English tutoring is the ability to get consistent feedback. Teachers have such an enormous workload that it can be difficult for many of them to consistently offer students detailed feedback; whereas, English tutors normally have a bit more flexibility. Getting regular feedback and having regular discussions can make a serious positive impact on your marks throughout the year.

Tutoring could also take away a lot of confusion and frustration with what many students feel can be a subjective or ambiguous subject. Regular guidance can keep students motivated and satisfied with the subject instead of disgruntled, which can lessen the potential for unwanted stress.