Further Maths Tutoring Overview

Further Maths is an intriguing subject. Many would make the claim that it is quite ‘easy’, then go on to lose significant amount of marks in the exam and no score above a 40 study score. Others would say that it’s hard and confusing.

Realistically, there’s truth in both points. Sometimes, Further Maths can be simple, and at other times, it can be quite punishing. For this reason, students should be choosy in who they ask to help them in their quest for Further Maths success. 


What to look for in a tutor for Further Maths:

It’s obvious, but needs to be said: a quality Further tutor should have a dominant understanding of the Core, given the Core makes up 60% of your exams marks. Moreover, a Further Maths tutor should have an intimate understanding of the modules that your school takes. Different tutors will specialise in different modules, so look for a tutor who knows your modules really well.

Perhaps most importantly, you should look for a Further tutor that can provide you with an abundance of resources and practice questions. Tutors who aren’t prepare to write practice SACs or questions for you won’t be as useful as those who do.  It’s also important to find a tutor with great calculator skills. A tutor that can explain calculator abilities and shortcuts can save you a huge amount of time and marks on SACs and exams.

It is also important to note that the Further Maths curriculum changed in 2016 – make sure your tutor is fully across the new study design! 


How Further Maths tutoring could benefit you:

If Further Maths is a conceptual struggle, then a Further Maths tutor can walk you through concepts at your own pace and provide a different perspective to that of your teacher.

And whether you’re aiming for a huge score or just want to get by, a Further Maths tutor will place an intense emphasis on ensuring you are aware of high-risk areas of the course. On a conceptual level, complacent students can often miss refined details that are crucial to success in assessments. On an exam technique level, good tutors will make students aware of certain question types that have a low success rate amongst the student body from year to year.

Hence,  a major benefit of a Further Maths tutor can be improved levels of confidence. A tutor should be able to get you to a point where you’re confident in applying you’re knowledge and know what to do when you read an exam-style section. They should also make you feel confident in your study tools, such as the summary book, by guiding you on its creation and contributing resources to its development.