Health & Human Development Tutoring Overview

Health & Human Development has a lot of content. Like, a lot of content. And, despite its reputation as a “bludge” subject, it can be difficult to score highly for that reason. You’ll need to be on your game with definitions and summaries – but more than that, you’ll need to be able to link concepts within the course.


Linking concepts shouldn’t be too difficult, though; a lot of the HHD course is relevant to everyday life. Concepts of wellbeing, global health and how to improve today’s quality of life – these are things pertinent to every single student, which can make Health a genuinely interesting subject to study. 


What to look for in an HHD tutor:

It is not enough just to find a Health tutor that knows the course inside out. Of course, any tutor you find should know the course better than anything, but it is not enough to have the entire course rote learned. In looking for an HHD tutor, you must ensure they can fully help you understand the implications of key concepts and help you learn how to apply your knowledge. Someone who has merely memorized the course and just tells you to do the same is not a fully adequate tutor.


You should also look for someone who can assist you in your exam technique. Knowing what words to use and how to use them can be the difference between full-marks on a response and partial marks. Given Health’s unfavourable scaling, many students would be aiming for a raw score between 40-50, and that is where exam technique comes into play the most. That’s why it’s important that any potential tutor can help improve your skills in that area!



How HHD tutoring could benefit you: 

HHD is quite a content heavy subject, meaning time spent explaining all the concepts is what dominates teacher class time. This can make it difficult for a teacher to provide each student with detailed feedback on their responses and explain exactly where marks are allocated, what needs to be written in order to achieve full marks, and how to unpack challenging questions. A tutor can be beneficial in that they ought have far more time to spend going over these crucial areas. For example, developing a certain style in responding to certain question types (i.e,. sustainable human development questions) can save time in the exam and ensure high marks on heavily weighted questions.

Tutoring can also be beneficial throughout the year in terms of speed of learning. Given the size of the course, extra assistance can aid students in fully learning it ahead of time, which creates additional advantages like being able to work on exam technique, or being able to work on other important subjects.