Legal Studies Tutoring Overview

Legal Studies can be a dense course with a lot of “random” and seemingly disconnected content. Most of the course is directly applicable to a student’s everyday life; however, it can sometimes seem dry and irrelevant.


For students who can get through the small amount of dryness, Legal Studies can be a wholesomely rewarding course, but that doesn’t make it any less demanding! Often, students are challenged with short-answer questions worth between 6 – 10 marks, which requires knowledge of not only the course content, but of how to formulate responses on a structural level.



What to look for in a Legal Studies tutor:

Students should look for a tutor that can bring the whole course together well and make it seem conceptually seamless for students. It might not seem like it on face value, but the areas of the course interrelate in many ways: a good tutor should be able to help students draw the links together. It’s also important to find a tutor that can use real world examples to help you remember and apply the content.


When looking for a Legal Studies tutor, try an find someone that encourages you to form an opinion about the things you’re evaluating, that encourages you to discuss the content in critical ways, and that encourages you to apply your knowledge as a method of learning.   Should we have bail? Should we have more express rights in our Constitution? You should look for a tutor that can help you formulate sophisticated answers to these questions in a way that utilises your knowledge from many areas of the Legal study design.



How Legal Studies tutoring could benefit you:

Legal Studies tutoring could benefit students by cultivating their question answering skills – which is crucial in the written section of the Legal Studies exams. A good tutor will provide students with practice questions and assist in structuring and refining the perfect response to common question types.


Another benefit is the potential for a tutor to assist students in gaining superior conceptual understanding of the course. If Legal Studies feels dry or doesn’t make sense, it can take a long time to remember the content and become proficient in assessment tasks. A tutor who draws links together will make the content easy to remember and save students time rote learning things they don’t fully understand. So, an elite tutor should be able to save you time as your learn the content, and save you marks as you try to apply it in SACs and exams.