Literature Tutoring Overview

In terms of workload, Literature is probably the most demanding of the three English subjects: there’s always more ways to think about a text, better ways to write something, or strategies to refine. However, this can also make for an enriching experience. Literature is often the haven of students who love to read and love to write, but hate the course outline for mainstream VCE English. This means that, whilst it is a demanding subject, it is often an exciting one for the people who take it, because it allows those students to exercise and grow their passions in an educational setting – something not everyone gets the chance to do.



What to look for in a Literature tutor:

The first and most basic thing you should look for is someone who can clearly and concisely explains the marking criteria and expectations of SAC and exam essays. Literature can feel ambiguous, so it’s a must that any Literature tutor can help with that feeling.  This leads to the second thing you should look for: someone who is capable of offering detailed feedback and advice on how to improve your essays and written abilities. Often, due to the sheer magnitude of marking essays for an entire class, teachers can be brief in their feedback. If you opt of Literature tuition, you should look for a tutor that can supplement your teacher’s opinion with comprehensive advice. These two things are crucial, because understanding the task and writing high-quality pieces is essentially what your success depends on. Of course, you should also look for a tutor who is patient, kind, and helpful – but be sure they can help you construct the best possible essays.



How Literature tutoring could benefit you:

Tutoring could help you bridge the gap between understanding the content, and demonstrating this understanding in essay form. Most Literature students can understand a text and write a decent mid-range essay, but competition is fierce if you’re aiming for an A+, so expert advice can be a huge advantage. Crucially, tutors can isolate your weak spots and help your work through them in a way that builds belief that you can overcome the challenges presented by this unique subject - students’ self-confidence can have a profound effect on their abilities in Literature, and a good tutor will rise to the challenge of helping students do their best, whatever that may be.