Psychology Tutoring Overview

Subjects with huge amounts of content can be quite difficult for students, but it seems that a lot of people enjoy the content of Psychology enough that it seems less tough. This can be paradoxical in a way – with more people enjoying the subject and studying harder, it can make the competition fiercer!

The good news is that with enough work, anyone can achieve a great mark in Psychology: it’s very accessible to students, even if they didn’t take Year 11 Psychology or don’t usually like Science subjects!

What to look for in Psychology tutor:

In a Psychology tutor, passion is key. Passion is infectious, and a passionate Psychology student is far more likely to succeed. With such a content heavy course, it is difficult to have a robust knowledge and understanding of the course without approaching the required learning and research with enthusiasm. You should look for a tutor who can feed your enthusiasm with their knowledge.

You should also look for someone that can communicate what is and isn’t examinable. Again, with such a dense course, efficiency can be very valuable, so a good tutor should be able to advise you on what’s crucial to study and what’s less important. Further to this, a good tutor should also be able to show you the best ways to answer questions and refine your exam technique. Application questions are what separates the best students from those who simply memorise the content, so you should look for a tutor that can help you apply your knowledge professionally.

How Psychology tutoring could benefit you:

With the huge amount of content in Psych, a tutor can help students to ensure that they don’t have any holes in their knowledge. An experienced tutor will know what content to be wary of and can make sure students haven’t overlooked important materials.

A Psychology tutor can also be beneficial in directly improving SAC and exam performance. With the regular use of practice questions and example answers, a good tutor could help students improve their question answering techniques to a level that will gain full marks. Psychology students must feel comfortable in knowing important key terms in answers and mnemonics for key areas, and a tutor can make that process easier.