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Taught by elite recent graduates.

Our advanced tutorial classes run for 90 minutes, every week. These classes are geared towards preparing as much as possible for tests and exams.

VIC, NSW and QLD enrolments for 2022-2023 are now open.

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We've helped over 5,000 students achieve their ATAR goals



93 ATAR Achiever

"TuteSmart made me feel so much more confident, and in terms of academics it really helped me to get where I got in the end."

Online tutoring


97 ATAR Achiever

"TuteSmart is more than just academics, it's a real support for every single student."

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91 ATAR Achiever

"Since starting at TuteSmart, I pretty much became top of my class for Chemistry and Physics. My confidence has gone through the roof."

Online Tutorial Classes

Get ahead and don’t look back

Our online classes are interactive, with students able to ask live questions and engage with their tutors and other students.

And the best part is: every single class is recorded! So, if you can’t make the class or want to revise later, you can watch the recordings online, at any time.

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Online Classes

2023 Timetable

Victoria - VCE Tutoring

New South Wales - HSC Tutoring

Queensland - QCE ATAR Tutoring

Advanced Subject Curriculums

TuteSmart’s secret sauce

Each subject has its own advanced curriculum. The curriculum is designed to get ahead of school learning, consolidate information, and practice.

Our curriculums are an ever-evolving thing, with hundreds of tutors spending countless hours tweaking and improving the subject curriculums every day, over the past 8 years.

Our curriculum follows this structure:



We first cover a topic in detail, focusing on the tricky areas that most students get wrong.



We then revise this topic, once again focusing on the most difficult concepts.



Students sit a practice test on this topic.



We review the answers to the practice test in detail, so that when it comes to the real test, students are way ahead of the game.