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Two types of learning support available:

Live Online Weekly Classes

Our weekly classes are the foundation to our students' success. If you’re having trouble keeping on top of course content, or want a fresh perspective from elite recent grads, then our classes are for you!

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Private tutoring

If you want some dedicated one-on-one time with one of our top tutors, then private tutoring sessions may be the way to go! Covering a broad range of Year 9-12 subjects, our private tutoring is designed to help students learn and revise study content in a personalised way.

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of students said TuteSmart made them feel more confident in their studies


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Subjects available for online weekly classes

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ATAR 99.05
Specialist Maths, Physical Education, Physics


ATAR 99.7
English 3&4, Further Maths. Year 10 English


ATAR 99.5
UCAT, Chemistry


ATAR 99.7
Chemistry, Maths Methods, Accounting


ATAR 99.4
Chemistry, UCAT


ATAR 99.75
Biology, Chemistry

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